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(Related Inventory indicators are compiled only by selecting products with high industry boom)
摺疊 (Z   )Industry(Z )Industry
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(Z1 )Industry (Excl. Quarrying)
摺疊 (B)Mining and Quarrying(B)Mining and Quarrying
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摺疊 (05)Extraction of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas(05)Extraction of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas
(0500)Extraction of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas
摺疊 (06)Quarrying of Stone, Sand, Clay and Other Mining(06)Quarrying of Stone, Sand, Clay and Other Mining
(0600)Quarrying of Stone, Sand, Clay and Other Mining
摺疊 (C)Manufacturing(C)Manufacturing
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摺疊 (I1)Metal & Machinery Industry(I1)Metal & Machinery Industry
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摺疊 (24)Manufacture of Basic Metals(24)Manufacture of Basic Metals
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(2411)Smelting and Refining of Iron and Steel
(2412)Casting of Iron and Steel
(2413)Rolling and Extruding of Iron and Steel
(2414)Drawing of Iron and Steel
(2421)Smelting and Refining of Aluminum
(2422)Casting of Aluminum
(2423)Rolling, Extruding and Drawing of Aluminum
(2431)Smelting and Casting of Copper
(2433)Rolling, Extruding and Drawing of Copper
(2491)Casting of Other Basic Metals
(2499)Manufacture of Other Basic Metals Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (25)Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products(25)Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products
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(2511)Manufacture of Cutlery and Metal Hand Tools
(2512)Manufacture of Metal Die
(2521)Manufacture of Metal Structure
(2522)Manufacture of Metal Architectural Components
(2531)Manufacture of Boilers, Metal Tanks and Pressure Containers
(2539)Manufacture of Other Metal Containers
(2541)Forging of Metals
(2542)Powder Metallurgy
(2543)Heat Treatment of Metals
(2544)Treatment of Metal Surface
(2549)Other Metalworking Activities
(2591)Manufacture of Screw, Nut and Rivet
(2592)Manufacture of Metal Springs and Metal Wire Products
(2599)Manufacture of Other Fabricated Metal Products Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (28)Manufacture of Electrical Equipment(28)Manufacture of Electrical Equipment
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(2810)Manufacture of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Machinery
(2820)Manufacture of Batteries and Accumulators
(2831)Manufacture of Electric Wires and Cables
(2832)Manufacture of Wiring Devices
(2841)Manufacture of Light Bulbs and Tubes
(2842)Manufacture of Lighting Fixture
(2851)Manufacture of Domestic Air-conditioning Equipment
(2859)Manufacture of Other Domestic Appliances
(2890)Manufacture of Other Electrical Equipment
摺疊 (29)Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment(29)Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment
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(2911)Manufacture of Machinery for Metallurgy
(2912)Manufacture of Metal Cutting Machine Tool
(2919)Manufacture of Other Metalworking Machinery
(2921)Manufacture of Agricultural and Forestry Machinery
(2922)Manufacture of Machinery for Mining, Quarrying and Construction
(2923)Manufacture of Machinery for Food, Beverage and Tobacco Processing
(2924)Manufacture of Machinery for Textile, Apparel and Leather Production
(2925)Manufacture of Woodworking Machinery
(2926)Manufacture of Chemical Processing Machinery
(2927)Manufacture of Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery
(2928)Manufacture of Electronic and Semi-conductors Production Equipment
(2929)Manufacture of Other Special-purpose Machinery Not Elsewhere Classified
(2931)Manufacture of Engines and Turbines
(2932)Manufacture of Fluid Power Equipment
(2933)Manufacture of Pumps, Compressors, Taps and Valves
(2934)Manufacture of Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
(2935)Manufacture of Conveying Machinery
(2936)Manufacture of Office Machinery and Equipment
(2937)Manufacture of Pollution Controlling Equipment
(2938)Manufacture of Power-driven Hand Tools
(2939)Manufacture of Other General-purpose Machinery
摺疊 (30)Manufacture of Motor Vehicles and Parts(30)Manufacture of Motor Vehicles and Parts
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(3010)Manufacture of Motor Vehicles
(3020)Manufacture of Bodies (Coachwork) for Motor Vehicles
(3030)Manufacture of Parts for Motor Vehicles
摺疊 (31)Manufacture of Other Transport Equipment and Parts(31)Manufacture of Other Transport Equipment and Parts
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(3110)Manufacture of Ships, Boats and Floating Structures
(3121)Manufacture of Motorcycles
(3122)Manufacture of Motorcycle Parts
(3131)Manufacture of Bicycles
(3132)Manufacture of Bicycle Parts
(3190)Manufacture of Other Transport Equipment and Parts Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (34)Repair and Installation of Industrial Machinery and Equipment(34)Repair and Installation of Industrial Machinery and Equipment
(3400)Repair and Installation of Industrial Machinery and Equipment
摺疊 (I2)Information & Electronic Industry(I2)Information & Electronic Industry
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摺疊 (26)Manufacture of Electronic Parts and Components(26)Manufacture of Electronic Parts and Components
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(2611)Manufacture of Integrated Circuits
(2612)Manufacture of Discrete Devices
(2613)Packaging and Testing of Semi-conductors
(2620)Manufacture of Electronic Passive Devices
(2630)Manufacture of Bare Printed Circuit Boards
(2641)Manufacture of Panel and Components
(2642)Manufacture of Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
(2643)Manufacture of Solar Cells
(2649)Manufacture of Other Optoelectronic Materials and Components
(2691)Manufacture of Printed Circuit Assembly
(2699)Manufacture of Other Electronic Parts and Components Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (27)Manufacture of Computers, Electronic and Optical Products(27)Manufacture of Computers, Electronic and Optical Products
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(2711)Manufacture of Computers
(2712)Manufacture of Monitors and Terminals
(2719)Manufacture of Other Computer Peripheral Equipment
(2721)Manufacture of Telephones and Cellular Phones
(2729)Manufacture of Other Communication Equipment
(2730)Manufacture of Audio and Video Equipment
(2740)Manufacture of Magnetic and Optical Media
(2751)Manufacture of Measuring, Navigating and Control Equipment
(2752)Manufacture of Watches and Clocks
(2760)Manufacture of Irradiation and Electromedical Equipment
(2771)Manufacture of Cameras
(2779)Manufacture of Other Optical Instruments and Equipment
摺疊 (I3)Chemistry Industry(I3)Chemistry Industry
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摺疊 (13)Manufacture of Leather, Fur and Related Products(13)Manufacture of Leather, Fur and Related Products
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(1301)Tanning and Dressing of Leather
(1302)Manufacture of Footwear
(1303)Manufacture of Luggage and Handbags
(1309)Manufacture of Other Leather and Fur Products
摺疊 (15)Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products(15)Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products
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(1512)Manufacture of Paper
(1513)Manufacture of Paperboard
(1520)Manufacture of Containers of Paper and Paperboard
(1591)Manufacture of Domestic and Sanitary Paper Products
(1599)Manufacture of Pulp and Other Paper Products Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (16)Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media(16)Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media
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(1602)Service Activities Related to Printing
(1603)Reproduction of Recorded Media
摺疊 (17)Manufacture of Petroleum and Coal Products(17)Manufacture of Petroleum and Coal Products
(1700)Manufacture of Petroleum and Coal Products
摺疊 (18)Manufacture of Chemical Material and Fertilizers(18)Manufacture of Chemical Material and Fertilizers
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(1810)Manufacture of Raw Chemical Material
(1830)Manufacture of Fertilizers and Nitrogen Compounds
(1841)Manufacture of Plastic Materials
(1842)Manufacture of Synthetic Rubber Materials
(1850)Manufacture of Man-made Fibers
摺疊 (19)Manufacture of Other Chemical Products(19)Manufacture of Other Chemical Products
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(1910)Manufacture of Pesticides and Environmental Agents
(1920)Manufacture of Coatings, Dyes and Pigments
(1931)Manufacture of Cleaning Preparations
(1932)Manufacture of Cosmetics
(1990)Manufacture of Other Chemical Products Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (20)Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Chemical Products(20)Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Chemical Products
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(2001)Manufacture of Raw Material Medicines
(2002)Manufacture of Drugs and Medicines
(2003)Manufacture of Medicinal Biological Products
(2004)Manufacture of Chinese Medicines
(2005)Manufacture of Medicinal Chemical Products
摺疊 (21)Manufacture of Rubber Products(21)Manufacture of Rubber Products
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(2101)Manufacture of Tires
(2102)Manufacture of Industrial Rubber Products
(2109)Manufacture of Other Rubber Products
摺疊 (22)Manufacture of Plastics Products(22)Manufacture of Plastics Products
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(2201)Manufacture of Plastic Sheets, Pipes and Tubes
(2202)Manufacture of Plastic Films and Bags
(2203)Manufacture of Plastic Cabinet and Parts Products
(2209)Manufacture of Other Plastic Products
摺疊 (I4)Food, Textile & Other Industry(I4)Food, Textile & Other Industry
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摺疊 (08)Manufacture of Food Products and Prepared Animal Feeds(08)Manufacture of Food Products and Prepared Animal Feeds
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(0812)Other Processing and Preserving of Meat
(0820)Processing and Preserving of Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs
(0830)Processing and Preserving of Fruit and Vegetables
(0840)Manufacture of Edible Vegetable and Animal Oils and Fats
(0850)Manufacture of Dairy Products
(0861)Grain Husking
(0862)Manufacture of Grain Mill Products
(0863)Manufacture of Starches and Starch Products
(0870)Manufacture of Prepared Animal Feeds
(0891)Manufacture of Bakery and Steam Products
(0892)Manufacture of Noodles, Couscous and Similar Farinaceous Products
(0893)Manufacture of Sugar
(0894)Manufacture of Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery
(0895)Manufacture of Tea
(0896)Manufacture of Seasoning
(0897)Manufacture of Prepared Meals and Dishes
(0898)Manufacture of health supplements
(0899)Manufacture of Other Food Products Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (09)Manufacture of Beverages(09)Manufacture of Beverages
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(0911)Manufacture of Beer
(0919)Manufacture of Other Alcoholic Beverages
(0920)Manufacture of Non-alcoholic Beverages
摺疊 (10)Manufacture of Tobacco Products(10)Manufacture of Tobacco Products
(1000)Manufacture of Tobacco Products
摺疊 (11)Manufacture of Textiles(11)Manufacture of Textiles
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(1111)Spinning of Yarn, Cotton and Wool
(1112)Spinning of Yarn, Man-made Fibers
(1113)Spinning of Textured Yarn, Man-made Fibers
(1121)Manufacture of Woven Cotton-type or Woolen-type Fabrics
(1122)Manufacture of Woven Fabrics of Man-made Fibers
(1123)Manufacture of Woven Fabrics of Glass Fibers
(1124)Manufacture of Knitted and Crocheted Fabrics
(1130)Manufacture of Non-woven Fabrics
(1140)Finishing of Textiles
(1151)Manufacture of Made-up Textile Articles
(1152)Manufacture of Rope, Cable and Net
(1159)Manufacture of Other Yarn, Textiles, Textile Products
摺疊 (12)Manufacture of Wearing Apparel and Clothing Accessories(12)Manufacture of Wearing Apparel and Clothing Accessories
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(1210)Manufacture of Wearing Apparel
(1230)Manufacture of Clothing Accessories
摺疊 (14)Manufacture of Wood and of Products of Wood and Bamboo(14)Manufacture of Wood and of Products of Wood and Bamboo
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(1401)Sawmilling and Planing of Wood
(1402)Manufacture of Veneer Sheets and Wood-based Panels
(1403)Manufacture of Builders' Carpentry and Joinery
(1404)Manufacture of Wooden Containers
(1409)Manufacture of Other Products of Wood and Bamboo
摺疊 (23)Manufacture of Other Non-metallic Mineral Products(23)Manufacture of Other Non-metallic Mineral Products
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(2311)Manufacture of Sheet Glass and Sheet Glass Products
(2312)Manufacture of Glass Containers
(2313)Manufacture of Glass Fiber
(2319)Manufacture of Other Glass and Glass Products
(2321)Manufacture of Refractory Products
(2322)Manufacture of Clay Building Materials
(2329)Manufacture of Other Porcelain and Ceramic Products
(2331)Manufacture of Cement
(2332)Manufacture of Ready-mix Concrete
(2333)Manufacture of Cement and Concrete Products
(2340)Cutting, Shaping and Finishing of Stone
(2391)Manufacture of Grinding Materials
(2399)Manufacture of Other Non-metallic Mineral Products Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (32)Manufacture of Furniture(32)Manufacture of Furniture
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(3211)Manufacture of Wood Furniture
(3219)Manufacture of Other Non-metallic Furniture
(3220)Manufacture of Metallic Furniture
摺疊 (33)Other Manufacturing(33)Other Manufacturing
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(3311)Manufacture of Sports Goods
(3312)Manufacture of Toys and Games
(3313)Manufacture of Musical Instruments
(3314)Manufacture of Stationery Goods
(3321)Manufacture of Eyeglasses
(3329)Manufacture of Other Medical Instruments and Supplies
(3391)Manufacture of Jewellery and Related Articles
(3392)Manufacture of Fasteners and Buttons
(3399)Other Manufacturing Not Elsewhere Classified
摺疊 (D)Electricity and Gas Supply(D)Electricity and Gas Supply
摺疊 (35)Electricity and Gas Supply(35)Electricity and Gas Supply
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(3510)Electricity Supply
(3520)Gas Supply
(3530)Steam Supply
摺疊 (E)Water Supply(E)Water Supply
摺疊 (36)Water Supply(36)Water Supply
(3600)Water Supply
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